First Catch of the Season!

Every (nearly) spring you’ll find Mitch out hunting for newts, frogs, lizards and snakes. The hunting has just begun! Here’s to buckets (and any plastic container he can get his hands on – hopefully NOT from mom’s cupboard) loitering our front porch for the next 6 months full of animals!



One thing I want to pass on to my children is that PEOPLE are what matter in life. Relationships. Friends.

Jesus loved people, spent time with people and if there was anything you could say Jesus collected it would be friends.

Many people collect teapots, books, figurines, antiques….us….we collect friends 🙂

Yesterday we visited the Wibels in Silverton. The kids had a fantastic time playing in the drain pipe for run-off water. Imagination was being used, hands were getting dirty and creativity was flowing.

And us moms got to enjoy a latte and catch up.

Now that is MY idea of a fabulous afternoon.


Air Under Water

We’re learning about the concept of mass and volume of air under water….like how you can put a piece of paper in a cup and submerge the cup under water, yet keep the paper dry.


Mr. Sun inspired us to…..get the roses trimmed back…

…to weed the garden beds….

….to trim back the raspberries….

…to thin out the strawberries….

…to clean out the herb and flower garden…

Love productive days like that and thankful I have kiddos that love to garden!

Weaving Adventures

Sometimes when you get a craft in a box it looks SO EASY. SO SIMPLE. Uh huh. Right!

This is how it went down. Ruby, age 7 gets fun basket weaving gift for Christmas. Mom looks at directions and realizes it’s way above her skill level!

Mom hands it off to Kayla, who has more skill than mom, and Kayla throws her hands up and says, “Can’t do it.” Kayla hands it off to Daddy, who then puts it off for a few weeks…because basket weaving sounds so exciting for him!!

And finally, this week…..Daddy tackles basket weaving! And it was a challenge for even him, the man of many talents!

Want to know the funny thing? This was all the farther they got. Yep. But it was great daddy/daughter time 🙂

Forever and Always

There’s nothing I love more than seeing children chosen and loved. Our family got to be part of our friends’ adoption ceremony Tuesday and what a BLESSING it was to see the caseworker get choked up as she asked the judge to move forward with this adoption. What a BLESSING to see the judge get emotional as he told them how happy he was to be signing the adoption certificate, that he welcomed such moments as these. And what a BLESSING for little Johnothan to be chosen and placed into his FOREVER family. God is so good.