Spring Break 2012

We stayed home this Spring Break and one of our favorite, long time family friends (kids were friends in the womb!) came to stay with us for a week. Lots of crafts, swimming, roller skating, staying up late, movies and popcorn (of course with M & M’s) and yes, even rotting of the brain video games 🙂

Marshmallow Towers!

Friendship Bracelets.

Ruby and Miranda – two beauties.

Ok. I know I’m a biased mamma, but LOOK at this boys form! We’re thinking about pursuing the Olympics till he’s 18 and worrying about schooling after that 🙂 Just kidding, kind of.

Love Mitch’s one handed dive 🙂 While the other is plugging his nose.

And thanks to a mamma who hasn’t bought her growing 12 yr old a new swimsuit, Kayla is jumping while holding her midriff. Oops.

Rice Rock Museum

We had fun today visiting the Rice Rock Museum in Hillsboro today! An old friend from grade school came with her kiddos and we practically had the place to ourselves. Thanks to the Washington County Library we ALL got in FREE….even better!

What a perfect place to visit to see the amazing creativity of our Creator!

Mitch turns 9!

Cinnamon rolls for breakfast.

First Air Soft Gun of his own….the look is priceless!

A little Uno Attack after the airsoft gun attacks outside.

Talking Legos with Noah.

Homemade Chili for dinner.

Ice Cream sandwiches for dessert (this boy dislikes cake A LOT!)

Happy 9th Birthday Mitch…we love you!