Spring around here….

Things we’ve been up to:

A fabulous beach trip to Cannon beach – which included many friends, over 6 hours in the SUN and yes, a few sunburns…bad mom!

Getting our outdoor “living rooms” ready for friends to come and hang with us this spring and summer. We LOVE having people come and play all year round, but especially summer!

Planting, planting and MORE planting! I simply can’t get enough flowers in my life. And 3 out of 4 of my children got the “flower/farmer” gene that I apparently have as well! Yay!

Don’t forget going to the little pond down the road and collecting frogs eggs! It’s a yummy mess sitting on our sidewalk ready to greet you as come over 🙂

And of course…our friends getting to come and visit was another highlight!


Good Friday Experience

Our church set up a self-guided walk through Good Friday experience. We started out by taking communion. Then walked to another room where we washed each others feet. Next we went to the “garden” and tried to imagine having to stay awake to pray in the dark, through the night. After this we went to see the 30 silver coins and imagine what it must have felt like to be Judas, betraying Jesus. Lastly, we wrote our thanks to Jesus for dying on the cross for us and nailed it to the cross.

So thankful for Sunday! He has risen!

ps – these pics were taken with my iPhone without flash in very dark rooms…sorry for the blur.


This past week in my photography class I was to focus on relationships between individuals….here are a few that I got for my homework. Kayla and her friend, Savannah being silly and then being serious. Sisters. And Max with his amazing tutor, Teacher Annie.

I’m loving the photography class! Learning so much while being challenged to think outside the box!