Franz Bakery Field Trip

Yesterday was a pretty amazing field trip to the Franz Bakery in Portland. It’s such a cool place! Though the bummer is that I couldn’t take pictures while we were in the factory…so you get to see our hair nets :)Though the boys would have nothing to do with me capturing them wearing “pink” (though clearly red) hair nets!

Everyone got to learn of the rich history of the Franz Family, do several different activities, walk the factory and come back to bread and butter with apple juice.

I’d recommend it to anyone who hasn’t done this yet!

Run Sheep, Run!!

Friends for life!

Ok, aren’t these two just the cutest! They’ve been friends since birth, and us parents are planning a wedding behind their backs…we’ll let them in on it in a few years 🙂

Mia – one of Ruby’s bestest friends!

Eeeewwwyyyy, gooooeeeyyy s’mores!

Max’s new project – to take down this dead tree.

Brooklynne’s having a critical moment here.

Kayla trying to put my hair up with a piece of straw/grass….not working so good 🙂

Our two youngest….Mia and Ruby….counting before the hunt.

Tad, “hiding”, while eating some snickerdoodle cookies….

The bike ramp proved to be a great home-base. Here’s the majority of the group…these sheep are rooting on their other sheep friends running around being chased by the wolf!

Tad and Tryg can still give the kids a “run for their money”…but watch out dads….only a year or two and they’ll be catching you!

Max – cooling his head off in the pool after some vigorous sunning in the game!

We had the BEST Memorial Day FUN with our friends, the Berges! It’s been over 20 years of the best memories with these guys and now our kids are making memories with each other. We spent the evening chatting, roasting polish dogs over the fire and smothering them in chili, followed by s’mores and then a few hilarious games of RUN SHEEP, RUN! Of course amongst that was a little tree cutting by Max (had to show off his big muscles), some bike jumping and lots of swinging by the little girls.

Man in the Mirror

This weekend was Kayla’s dance recital and she danced to Man in the Mirror. The whole theme of the recital was “Old things made new” (old as in 80’s!!) It was fun, lots of great songs, flourescent clothing and bright blue makeup.

Kayla did such a great job performing and stepping out of her comfort zone by getting up on stage. We are so proud of her.

Wakeena Falls

Pre-hike smiles….The kids were so excited to set off and begin our 5.6 mile journey, climbing 1600ft.

This really was one of the most beautiful hikes we’ve done. Almost the entire way was the sound and view of waterfalls.

I love water pictures where the water is slowed down in the picture….and I finally know how to do it with my camera 🙂

We stopped MANY times to take in the beauty, the creatures, play in the water…and let Mom take a breather!

Max loved counting the rings to find out the age of trees downed we passed.

Snails and bugs.

Pure cuteness.

The boys hiked way down (and us girls were content to sit and watch) to get close to a huge waterfall.

Oh these boys 🙂

This was near the end of the hike….I think we were all so glad to get to the car that I forgot to take an “end of the hike” picture.

We celebrated our accomplishment by getting dinner at Burgerville (mom’s favorite place) and taking it to the St. John’s Bridge (park).

No such thing as running out of energy for the Raichart kids!

What a fabulous family day.

may in a nutshell….

Cuddling under blankets with cousins at the campfire and enjoying S’mores.

Max getting his first mowing job (for pay!). He was excited beyond words and looks forward to more jobs this summer.

For Max’s birthday we all went to see Tim Hawkins (Comedian). Family and friends met us there, which made it even more fun. I practically cried with laughter the entire night!

Two of his best friends at the show.

Lots of work in the yard and garden to be done…so thankful for these hard working men!

The most exciting news of the month is that we have decided to move forward with adoption! This is me, sending in the first of 4 (large) payments, along with notarized paperwork to begin the process. Forgive the thumb….one of my children took this picture 🙂 Now we look forward to see what God has in store for us! Lot’s of unknowns, but it’s so much fun to walk by faith and trust that God will show us as we go.

Mother’s Day before we headed to church….I love these guys and am so blessed. There is nothing like your own children to keep you growing, keep you young and keep you humble!!

Ruby has fallen in love with hanging the clothes out to dry as much as I do! It’s so great to have her as my helper…and an adorable one at that.

We also traveled up to Sandy for my great Uncle Tom and Aunt Jeannie’s 50th wedding anniversary. My uncle told me that his mom (my Great Grandma – whom I knew till my high school years) gave them 6 months at their wedding! 6 months turned into 50 years! We are a stubborn people in our family.

And one of the best things we did this month was replace our old single hammock with this fabulous DOUBLE hammock! This is where you’re sure to find Tad and I on summer nights….