may in a nutshell….

Cuddling under blankets with cousins at the campfire and enjoying S’mores.

Max getting his first mowing job (for pay!). He was excited beyond words and looks forward to more jobs this summer.

For Max’s birthday we all went to see Tim Hawkins (Comedian). Family and friends met us there, which made it even more fun. I practically cried with laughter the entire night!

Two of his best friends at the show.

Lots of work in the yard and garden to be done…so thankful for these hard working men!

The most exciting news of the month is that we have decided to move forward with adoption! This is me, sending in the first of 4 (large) payments, along with notarized paperwork to begin the process. Forgive the thumb….one of my children took this picture 🙂 Now we look forward to see what God has in store for us! Lot’s of unknowns, but it’s so much fun to walk by faith and trust that God will show us as we go.

Mother’s Day before we headed to church….I love these guys and am so blessed. There is nothing like your own children to keep you growing, keep you young and keep you humble!!

Ruby has fallen in love with hanging the clothes out to dry as much as I do! It’s so great to have her as my helper…and an adorable one at that.

We also traveled up to Sandy for my great Uncle Tom and Aunt Jeannie’s 50th wedding anniversary. My uncle told me that his mom (my Great Grandma – whom I knew till my high school years) gave them 6 months at their wedding! 6 months turned into 50 years! We are a stubborn people in our family.

And one of the best things we did this month was replace our old single hammock with this fabulous DOUBLE hammock! This is where you’re sure to find Tad and I on summer nights….

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