Wakeena Falls

Pre-hike smiles….The kids were so excited to set off and begin our 5.6 mile journey, climbing 1600ft.

This really was one of the most beautiful hikes we’ve done. Almost the entire way was the sound and view of waterfalls.

I love water pictures where the water is slowed down in the picture….and I finally know how to do it with my camera 🙂

We stopped MANY times to take in the beauty, the creatures, play in the water…and let Mom take a breather!

Max loved counting the rings to find out the age of trees downed we passed.

Snails and bugs.

Pure cuteness.

The boys hiked way down (and us girls were content to sit and watch) to get close to a huge waterfall.

Oh these boys 🙂

This was near the end of the hike….I think we were all so glad to get to the car that I forgot to take an “end of the hike” picture.

We celebrated our accomplishment by getting dinner at Burgerville (mom’s favorite place) and taking it to the St. John’s Bridge (park).

No such thing as running out of energy for the Raichart kids!

What a fabulous family day.

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