Run Sheep, Run!!

Friends for life!

Ok, aren’t these two just the cutest! They’ve been friends since birth, and us parents are planning a wedding behind their backs…we’ll let them in on it in a few years πŸ™‚

Mia – one of Ruby’s bestest friends!

Eeeewwwyyyy, gooooeeeyyy s’mores!

Max’s new project – to take down this dead tree.

Brooklynne’s having a critical moment here.

Kayla trying to put my hair up with a piece of straw/grass….not working so good πŸ™‚

Our two youngest….Mia and Ruby….counting before the hunt.

Tad, “hiding”, while eating some snickerdoodle cookies….

The bike ramp proved to be a great home-base. Here’s the majority of the group…these sheep are rooting on their other sheep friends running around being chased by the wolf!

Tad and Tryg can still give the kids a “run for their money”…but watch out dads….only a year or two and they’ll be catching you!

Max – cooling his head off in the pool after some vigorous sunning in the game!

We had the BEST Memorial Day FUN with our friends, the Berges! It’s been over 20 years of the best memories with these guys and now our kids are making memories with each other. We spent the evening chatting, roasting polish dogs over the fire and smothering them in chili, followed by s’mores and then a few hilarious games of RUN SHEEP, RUN! Of course amongst that was a little tree cutting by Max (had to show off his big muscles), some bike jumping and lots of swinging by the little girls.

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