I’m in love….

…with the Instagram App! Of course I have more love for my Nikon, but in a pinch or just for a different look, I’m having so much fun with this little camera app.

I realized I wanted needed a picture of myself with my camera…because that’s what all photographers do, right?! And I love this one that Kayla took. I know, it probably sounds narcissistic to admit that out loud, but I think we should be more accepting of ourselves and less critical πŸ™‚ Believe me, I know my flaws!!, but there are times when I can ignore them and be thankful to God for who He created me to be (and look).

Nothing puts a smile on my face more than hearing sisters giggle and play in a hammock. Even though they are almost 5 years apart, they still enjoy each others company and that brings joy to a mama’s heart.

And yes, once again, the famous fire pit. New friends (city dwellers) came to visit and LOVED our “outdoor camping lifestyle”….too funny. Taco soup, S’mores, running wild, swinging high, and good laughs around the fire…THIS is what summer is all about for us.

….oh! AND running through the garden sprinklers fully clothed in rain boots!

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