Wounded Healer

That was the title of last week’s sermon. Emerson Eggerich came to give this message and here is the link for those wanting to grasp an idea of what to do with that “wound” in your life that just doesn’t seem to ever go away (no matter how many times you try to stuff it, ignore it) ….waste it? curse it? hate it? or USE it?

We’ve all had some kind of wound in our lives. Maybe it was long ago or maybe it was just last week for you. The cliche, “it’ll either make you bitter or better”, really has more truth to it than we know. I’m still learning to be a Job (praising God even in the hard times) and not Job’s Wife (cursing God when life doesn’t go my way)…especially when it comes to losing our little boy just 11 months ago. 11 LONG months. But I know deep down that God is so good and life is so hard. So I cling to Him and try to use the painful times in life to bring healing to others….

this picture is of 2 heart shaped rocks that we found (searched for) after our little guy was taken from us…we needed something to represent our broken hearts and the love we have for him always and forever…

WARNING: This message is life-changing…kind of like open-heart surgery. If you will let the Healer in and do surgery, your life, your bitterness that springs forth when that certain “wound” comes to mind, can and will be used to help heal other wounded hearts out there.

I thought this so appropriate after sharing about the book, Bloom. Though it’s not a Christian book and yes, has some swearing, it’s her story of how she USED her “wound” for other people’s good. For her family’s good, her friend’s good and actually, all across the world (thanks to the internet). It’s a beautiful read and I hope you get to chew on her words, digest them and use them as energy to propel you on to help others out of your own hurt.

I’ve felt compelled to write this all day…praying that this was for someone specific out there today.

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