Cannon Beach fun!

Originally we were going to watch the Cannon Beach Sand Castle building contests…something we’ve never done…but, because this mama is SO good at seeing the details, we missed it by a day! Ha ha! Big oops. I really could go on about all the reasons justifications as to why this happened, but I’ll spare you.

In place of the sand castles and chaos of people, we found a quaint gravel side road that led to this little trail, which took us straight to warm, sunny sand and wide open beaches.

We actually came at low tide for the day and so, we found a camping spot for our beach quilt, food and chairs and headed straight for Haystack Rock. We had no idea that Haystack Rock is now a protected wildlife area and has very limited areas that you can walk on (or touch). And if you think you’re getting beyond the “Birds Only Beyond this sign” sign then think again! Just ask Max about the Haystack Rock “police” 🙂

I love how Tad loves to explore as much as the kids. How he can sit and point out things to the kids and often times, other onlookers.

We even got to look through some amazing telescopes that were all zoomed in on the rare birds up on the Rock.

The kite. This kite brought a little frustration to daddy…he he he. He spent hours fiddling with it, trying to help the boys fly it. His determination payed off and the boys flew to their hearts content.

My little Ruby is getting too big! How does this happen?

And speaking of getting too big….this beautiful girl almost woman is something else. I honestly cannot wait to see what God calls her to in the future…she’s thinking it has something to do with orphans in a distant country. No surprise there, right?!

Sisters. Love.

We picked up this little rocket at a garage sale and it has already had hours of play! Endless contests of who can get the rocket the farthest and Tad felt he needed to get in on this too.

Speaking of garage sales…I scored this fabulous skirt (CAbi) for $2.00!!! New, this cost over $60 and I LOVE it for the beach when I’m wanting comfort and cuteness all at the same time.

Can’t go to the beach without one of these shots. Almost 17 years with this man and I love him more every day.

Last stop of the day was Camp 18. We all did a our part in polishing up a yummy dinner…and if you’ve never been, you must stop sometime!

Oh! And for the car ride we bought and downloaded a new Lamplighter Audio Drama called The Wanderer. It was sooooo goooood!

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