Camp Tilikum!

We spent 4 hours gallivanting around the grounds of Camp Tilikum, letting the kids show and tell about their week there so far. Tilikum has a soft spot in our hearts because both Tad and I got to spend some summers there as kids ourselves. Yes, we were even in the same group one year…memories.

Thinking solely of this blog, I stop at the bottom of the driveway and whip out my iPhone on the first day. I quickly take a look out my rear-view mirror and no cars are behind me – this is good. I open up Instagram and hang my arm out the window of the car, trying to get a straight picture because we are on an incline. Then….all at once the boys start yelling….”MOM!, there’s 5 cars behind us!! GO, GO, GO!” And then lots of “Mom, that was really embarrassing! Mom why did you take so long?” Followed by my laughter – sometimes you just have to laugh at yourself. And be thankful that none of the 5 cars waiting patiently for me to get my photo-op honked their horns!

(Right after that little incident I was told to park along the side of the gravel road in a semi-wet field, where I would drop off Kayla. Not a good combination. Trying to leave I’m burning a little rubber, spinning some mud and thinking, “Where is my husband!!”. So, I find another husband. The poor victim was walking up right at the perfect time and I say, “Hi! Hey, uh…would you mind driving my car out of this? I’m a little stuck?” And thankfully, he saves my day…and once again, I’m laughing and embarrassing my kids yet again.)

Now, on to the fun last night!

The Challenge Course is where Kayla has got to be all week. Specifically for Jr. High-adults. They even made some of the elements specifically for the Trail Blazers years ago. Pretty cool.

Kayla has walked logs 35 ft. up in the air, dangling on wire. She’s done the Trust Fall, the Leap of Faith and even climbed 120 ft. up a tree on pegs….all with just a few mini-panic attacks!

After hiking and playing around, we found this spot to camp out with our picnic blanket and dinner.

After we ate I read a chapter out of “Hatchet”, our read-aloud at the moment. Talk about a book you don’t want to put down! (Note: it’s for children 8 and older.)

We walked the swimming area…this seemed so much bigger as a kid….

Did a little canoeing…

Summer camp, making new friends, singing “peanut…peanut-butter….JELLY!”, being dog-tired at night. This is what life is about. Love this season we’re in with the kids, knowing it’ll be over quicker than we know.

(Oh!! forgot to mention I have ALSO been slightly enjoying the quiet of the house, hearing my own thoughts and having the house stay clean for more than 2 nano-seconds.)

Keeping it real for ya šŸ™‚

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