$1500 MATCHING DONOR (and a slight moral dilemma)

Seriously. You read it right! Someone (who wishes to remain anonymous and who I’d like to give a big fat kiss) just let us know they would like to match up to $1500 of donated funds towards our adoption!!

This means that whatever you can give is doubled until we reach this goal of $1500!!!!!!!!!

The miracle of this gift is that we need exactly $3000 for our next payment due. God is good and He works in ways we don’t understand. He is providing and we knew that if He called us to adopt, then He would provide as well. We aren’t just sitting back and hoping it all comes together….we believe that we are to work as hard as we can, pray constantly and leave the rest up to Him.

Again, if you are for adoption and want to help…pass the word! You never know who is looking to help out an adoptive family 🙂 Send this blog link out with a prayer and watch as God moves and once again surprises us with blessing!!

PS – we are having so much fun thinking of baby names once again…but I’m having a moral dilemma (OK, maybe not moral, but close!) about boy names. Both my boys are M names. Do I stay with a M name or move on to DIFFERENT names that don’t start with a M??? See! It really is almost moral 🙂 And if you think stick with M names….send me ideas!!

2 thoughts on “$1500 MATCHING DONOR (and a slight moral dilemma)

  1. Finally looked up Micaiah. Read 1 Kings 22. Even if you don’t like the name, I think you’ll enjoy that chapter. 🙂

  2. I’d say go with M. . . I was going to name McKenzie just Kenzie but opted out of a “nickname” for her first name. . . so now I have K,M,K because she doesn’t like us calling her Kenzie anymore (if that was her name, it never would be an issue) and always feels a bit like a divider (maybe that’s my imagination).

    I like Malachi. 🙂

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