Derby Days and Lavender Farms

Last Saturday we spent the morning at the Derby Days parade in Yamhill. I’m not much for huge city parades and fighting crowds and people for places to sit, but I really do love small town parades. Seeing the whole town come out (practically) and line the ONE little main road that travels through the 3/4 mile long town…love it. From the local bank handing out free balloons to all the kids while waiting for the parade to start, to all the candy being tossed, as well as pop cycles and lavender, we couldn’t have asked for a better parade.

For some reason I was drawn to the “Americana” theme…It sure feels as if our country is sliding further and further away from our roots, our convictions and our freedom, that I was reminded that it’s the small towns in America that (tend) to still live and breathe this way…and that was refreshing.

The announcer asked that everyone please stand and respect the flag as it led the parade…love that.

After the parade we made our way to the Willakenzie Lavender Farm in Yamhill. The smell was amazing and the beauty was breathtaking…could have planted myself there with a book for hours, but don’t think the kids (boys especially) would have appreciated that! And the gift shop there was so quaint!

This was my “pretend I’m in France lavender fields and pick to my hearts content” moment. While the girls wandered the area, looking at the fields, the boys sat in the car and oh-by-the-way, caught a mouse…in my car! Then they proceeded to bring it to me while I was headed into the gift shop, and let it go on the side walk. True story. My “France moment” ended promptly.

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