If I could have a fresh vase of dahlias year round, I would! I love these vibrant flowers and I’m so thankful for the dahlia farm just 3 miles from me. For $4 we can grab some clippers and head out to the field and cut to our hearts desire (12 stems). Any size, any color – it’s one of me and my girls’ favorite things to do every August.

Meeting the Birth Mom

Last week our profile was submitted to 2 birth moms. One of the moms in particular grabbed my attention because her due date was on Gage’s birthday (he was our little guy that we lost last year), she was having a girl and the baby would be half Mexican.

It was (in my mind) exactly what I was hoping for…the opposite of who Gage was/is. This may sound weird, but for our own kids’ sake we wanted that so that they wouldn’t be comparing our new little baby to their brother that they lost. Girl not boy, darker complexion vs. pasty white, darker eyes not bright blue.

Anyhow. We got notified last week that we were not first choice, but a very close second choice. I was surprised, but we were totally OK. We know the Lord is in control and he has the perfect baby for our family and we’re willing to wait as long as had to. That was on Friday evening.

So on Monday we went ahead and told the agency to submit our profile to another birth mom that we had just received information on. And then Monday evening we got a call at dinner time…because that’s when all important calls come in. It was Christian Family Adoptions and our worker told us that the first pick family had just backed out and changed their minds about this particular baby. Really??!! “Were we able and willing to meet with the Birth Mom the next morning?”. Let me think about that for a millisecond….yep.

And so yesterday we drove to a certain city and met at the public library with our Christian Family Adoptions worker, Gayle and the Birth Mom. Very surreal. How really do you act when the possible Birth Mom of your possible adopted baby walks in and you are introduced? There is such a fine line of both respect for her, sadness for her; yet anticipation for yourself, hope and fear both at the same time for your family.

We spent about an hour with her and where we got to ask her questions and she got to ask us questions. She even brought her ultrasound pictures so we could see them. And that my friends, is just weird. To hold HER ultrasound pictures while thinking that could quite possibly we were holding our FUTURE baby in our hands and feeling at the same time, how incredibly bizarre this must all be for the Birth Mom.

I have so much respect for the moms who choose adoption. What an amazing self-sacrificing decision to make.

We ended the meeting by talking about the birth experience and she invited us to be in the room with her during the birth. Of course I had secretly hoped this would be possible, but you can’t assume it will be an option. We are about 2 hours away from her and will hopefully have plenty of time to get there and be in the room to welcome “little baby girl” into the world.

We said our goodbyes, gave hugs and walked out to the parking lot. Now we pray for her and her little one. We pray for God to work out all the details like he’s so amazing at doing and we rest in the fact that He’s got it all under His control, so we don’t have to worry or try to figure anything out. And that is what true peace is all about! Leaving it in God’s hands and letting him lead.

Now the “little” stuff like oh, maybe getting a car seat! And finishing the details for our backyard benefit concert! And….lol…lots to do in a short 4 weeks!

more adoption news

This week one birth mom already has our family life book in her home; and one more will view our family book tomorrow. It’s a surreal feeling. Knowing both that possibly we could be chosen and have a baby in our home in September or October or that neither of these babies are meant to be a Raichart. Pray for them both if you think of it…I can’t imagine how it must feel to be making such a brave decision…

It’s a waiting game for sure. And actually, we aren’t letting our hearts even go there yet. We must protect our hearts and our children’s hearts until THE time has come and we know for sure that God is giving us the baby that is meant for us.

Until then, we press on. I am still keeping busy with photography and we are officially planning our backyard concert! I am dreaming of beautiful white lights, wine barrel decorations, desserts to die for. Dreaming of our backyard filled with all our friends.
It will be a night to remember I’m pretty sure!

And where are we with our finances? Well, as of today we have both earned and had donated $13,121!!! Amazing huh?! I am always amazed at how God provides and how He truly cares about our every need.

What do we have left? ONLY $6379.00!!!! Whohoo!!! We are way past the half-way mark and on the down-hill swing of things now 🙂

Interested in helping? Just click on the PayPal button at the top right of this blog. Or you could come to our concert on September 7th and donate then. Every little bit makes a difference in bringing home the newest little Raichart baby!!



This last week….

We had many friends over, including a visitor from Kenya!

We attended to amazing weddings of friends that we knew back when they were in grade school! My how time flies…

(this taken by one of our kiddos…thus the angle) 🙂

I love who my kids are growing up to be…each with their own personality, bent and way they express themselves. And you gotta love those cow girl boots that ah hem…are MINE!

Ruby with her friend, Gretchen.

And we also went to the Portland Zoo. It’s been a few years; long enough for the kids to not remember most of it at least. And who else, but a boy, could beg his mom for this picture?!

(we have a weird obsession with bamboo)

We took my niece and nephew along for the day as well. Abby loved her elephant ear!

Our Adoption Update…

As many of you know, we are adopting through Christian Family Adoptions Agency here local in Oregon and have chosen the Domestic Infant Program. This just means that we will adopt a newborn from a birth mom who is from Oregon or Washington. We chose this program for a few reasons; the first being that we don’t qualify for international adoption because Tad has Hepatitis C and the second because it was the most affordable of all the options, with the total cost being $19,000. More than likely we will adopt a baby that has been drug or alcohol affected.

Just this week we have 2 birth moms that we are “putting our names in” for her to choose from. It’s quite possible that one of the moms could choose us and they are both due within the September/October range of THIS year! It’s an exciting time for us!

At this point we have paid personally just over $10,000 and are planning one more fund raiser, that being a back yard concert with a local folk artist here (more info coming soon!). We’re hoping that this plays a large part of our next $9,000 that we will owe at the time of placement (when we leave the hospital with the baby). Nikki is also babysitting our niece and nephew part time through the summer months and have done several photo shoots (her newest passion!) and used 100% of the income towards this adoption.

We know that not every one of you will even agree with our adoption (and that’s totally OK), but for those of you who may love adoption, have a heart for adoption and have the means to possibly help us bring our baby home…we would be so grateful for any size of financial donation. This blog is set up with a PayPal donation button at the top right of the home page to make it easy to donate. I will say, this isn’t able to be a tax deductible donation…nor is any of the money that we are personally paying.

Thank you so much for your consideration of this request and if you’re not able to help, that’s OK!! We’d love your prayers and well-wishes as we move forward in this exciting process!

Hugs from all of us,

Tad, Nikki, Kayla, Max, Mitch and Ruby
PS – Thank you to those of you who have ALREADY helped with booking photo shoots and donating through PayPal!! We are so grateful!!!