more adoption news

This week one birth mom already has our family life book in her home; and one more will view our family book tomorrow. It’s a surreal feeling. Knowing both that possibly we could be chosen and have a baby in our home in September or October or that neither of these babies are meant to be a Raichart. Pray for them both if you think of it…I can’t imagine how it must feel to be making such a brave decision…

It’s a waiting game for sure. And actually, we aren’t letting our hearts even go there yet. We must protect our hearts and our children’s hearts until THE time has come and we know for sure that God is giving us the baby that is meant for us.

Until then, we press on. I am still keeping busy with photography and we are officially planning our backyard concert! I am dreaming of beautiful white lights, wine barrel decorations, desserts to die for. Dreaming of our backyard filled with all our friends.
It will be a night to remember I’m pretty sure!

And where are we with our finances? Well, as of today we have both earned and had donated $13,121!!! Amazing huh?! I am always amazed at how God provides and how He truly cares about our every need.

What do we have left? ONLY $6379.00!!!! Whohoo!!! We are way past the half-way mark and on the down-hill swing of things now 🙂

Interested in helping? Just click on the PayPal button at the top right of this blog. Or you could come to our concert on September 7th and donate then. Every little bit makes a difference in bringing home the newest little Raichart baby!!



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