It’s a New {school} Year

School. Today is the first day of school and this year Max, Mitch and Ruby will be attending Yamhill/Carlton. It’s a pretty big transition since we’ve home schooled for the last 4 years and especially for Mitch and Ruby, being it’s their first year ever at a public school. But, we know that wherever they are, God is with them and they each have a little reminder of that in their lunch boxes.

Why are we transitioning? Yes, I know I don’t really “owe” anyone an explanation…but I have nothing to hide πŸ™‚ There are a few reasons that this was our year of changing things up in the school arena.

1. Last year sucked. Sorry, I REALLY hate that word, but it’s about the only thing that does justice to what we went through as a family losing Gage. For any of you out there that have lost loved ones, you know the roller coaster of emotions that you go through in the first year, the bouts of mild depression and the way you must go on with life even when you just want to sit and zone out. Now, add schooling your grieving children to that list and that just about pushes you over the top.


2. We are adopting. I know, not new news. This will be a year of new beginnings with this little one. New beginnings with our kids and school and new beginnings for us as a family.

{ok, seriously…I really do take good pics, but we were in a little hurry obviously…notice huge amount of BLUR LOL!}

3. Sometimes moms need a break. Again, I know this can be “sacrilegious” to say in the homeschooling world…but after last year, I need a break, the kids need a break, we all need a change. And until you actually walk in someone’s shoes and live their lives, you really don’t and can’t understand…but thankfully we have grace! (this is NOT to say I’ve felt judged in ANY way! Just felt I needed to put that out there) πŸ™‚

So! Here’s to change and new beginnings!! Happy first day of school!

{Poor Mitch was highly embarrassed by his MOM taking pictures…thus we have the “avert the eyes at all cost and act like you don’t know her picture”.}

Max’s pic…uh…we get to blame daddy for that one.

p.s. ~ Kayla will still be home schooling this year, but through the YC Alliance Academy πŸ™‚

{It’s a rough way to school, but someone’s gotta take the job.}

7 thoughts on “It’s a New {school} Year

  1. Nikki, I reeeeally needed to read this from a mom with a heart for homeschooling. I was always very set on homeschooling. I just KNEW that it was the right thing for me and my kids. Then reality set in and I realized that I had inadequacies that would get in the way of effective schooling for the kids. They all have such strong personalities and are so close in age, that I just couldn’t handle it, honestly. I am so glad, like you said, that we have options for our kids. Thank you for your post!

  2. Nikki, you are a wonderful, wonderful mom! Thanks for sharing your heart and showing us that life does have seasons and seasons “change”… blessings to all of you and the adventures that lie ahead!

  3. Nikki you’re a very wonderful person it takes all kinds of people to do what you and your family has done and gone though .We hear your pain, change does wonders you’re are always in are hearts just remember . You have changed little lives. You are one amazing family Tell your wonderful children happy first day

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