Gallon House Concert

It was just how I had imagined (while lying in bed wide awake at 3 am for the last few days before the concert making sure not to leave out one detail of the night) it would be….

{This is the THERE ARE A LOT OF PICTURES POST warning.}

The walkway was lined with lights (that I completely spaced taking pictures of) and beach cruisers filled with flowers to welcome the guests.

The cheesecakes were out-of-this-world! I can’t tell you how many people told me they couldn’t stop trying them all…pretty sure we all walked away a few pounds heavier that night. My incredible friends made HOMEmade cheesecakes. People. These were I N C R E D I B L E! Thank you Hannah, Bethany, Kinda, Michelle, Kim and Karen!! {Please forgive me if I have forgotten you!!!!!!! I’m sorry!}

And the wine? All donated and all fantabulous. Is that a word? Should be.

The MC’s of the night…Matt and Bethany Baker – dear friends who have adoption very near and dear to their hearts {have adopted 3 children and are in the process of adopting their 4th}. Thanks guys, you were great…except the ‘peeing in the woods’ comment Matt! Naughty.

Our friend Rudy Tinoco (and Pete Rusaw for this song) came and opened for us with his usual easy-going, fun-loving personality. Thanks Rudy!

Next up was Nicole Chan, accompanied by Chris Baltazar. Love your voice Nicole!! So glad you got to spend the night hanging out with us.

And the featured guest was Matthew Price, with Gallon House. If you haven’t heard of him before, look him up. For real. His music makes you smile and reminisce, start tapping your toes and has you wondering where his next will be. Bless you Matthew for coming and donating your time and talent for our little baby.

And the guests….ahhh. You know I love my friends and about 60 of them were able to make it. We are so grateful.

Dan and Tracy, so glad you guys could walk all the way down from your house and join us. We will miss you when you move!

And it’s not often you see the “Railton” sisters all together in the little o’l town of Gaston. So fun to see you guys and catch up. And the boots, loved them.

Old friends, new friends.

Church friends, friends’ friends!

And this. Well, this is how it went down. She says, “Gimme some of that already or I’ll fork you”, to which he wittingly replies, “How about I spoon you?”. Touche’ Andrew.

Need I say anything? Besides, “Listen folks, when you have 4 kids, you shop at Costco and you multi-task”.

Hannah, the beautiful cheesecake server.

One of my favorite parts of the evening was seeing everyone gather around one of the 4 glowing fire pits and chatting the night away.

We can’t say thank you enough to those of you who came and gave towards our adoption. Between the 50-60 of you, you gave just over $2300. Incredible and we give all the glory to God. We have just under $4000 left to raise before little baby girl is born in a few short weeks and we know it will all work out. {If you still want to help us and weren’t able to come, you can click on the DONATE button at the top, right of this blog.}

I CANNOT wait to be blogging about the end of fundraising and the beginning of this new little life in our family!



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