Pins and Needles and Peace by the Lake

With only 11 days left till our birth mom is due we find ourselves either sitting on pins and needles….

OR feeling a lot like sitting at this lake, full of peace, knowing that the Lord is in control of this whole process (which takes a lot of weight off our shoulders)…

11 days! We did get a small update yesterday saying that the birth mom is doing well, baby has dropped and is moving lots and that she has a Dr. appointment this Friday. That’s it!! Women, if you’re reading this, you KNOW we need more details than this!


I do laundry.

I clean my shower.

I wash baby clothes.

I pack baby’s hospital bag, as well as ours. (we will get our own hospital room when we got to be at the birth and for after baby is born. Most likely baby will stay in our room till we leave hospital.)

I make sure EVERY night that our ringer is not on silent when we go to bed.

And Tad and I tell the kids last night, “If we get a call during the night, you will wake up and grandma will be here with you.”

I give crazy-long explanations to coaches as to why we MIGHT be missing practice or a game; Tad sends emails to parents saying why he, as the coach, might not show up to a game.

Tad and I attempt to go to bed at 7pm (really this means 9pm) with the TOTALLY FAULTY belief that we can store up on sleep soon to be lost when baby girl comes.

You get the idea….pins and needles and peace by the lake. Flip-flop it all day long and that’s how we’re doing. Oh! And throw in some excitement, a little anxiety, a pinch of disbelief and incessantly answering questions from our kids like, “Mom? What day do you think she will deliver?”

Glad there are only 11 days left of this!!! Can’t wait to FLOOD this blog with baby pictures!



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