Josephine Joy’s Arrival!

Normal? You know us Raicharts don’t do normal very well 🙂 Little Josie’s arrival into this world was anything but normal!

Here’s her birth story:

At about 8pm last night her birth mom felt like she needed to head to the hospital, so she did. After walking the halls for a bit, getting monitored (on a machine that was “having a little trouble”) the Dr. sent her home against her will. She knew she needed to stay and they said, “We’re too full and you’re not far enough along.”

So, home she went. And just 3 hours after getting sent home, she went into full blown labor. She screamed to the neighbor for help but wasn’t heard, even though her window was open. She then crawled her way, across her bedroom, to the phone and dialed 911. They came quickly to help…well except for having to knock down her door because it was locked…but came too late.

She had delivered Josie on her bedroom floor already. The cord was wrapped around her neck, so she quickly unwrapped it and baby Josephine was perfectly healthy!

Both birth mom and baby were delivered safely to the hospital and at about 6am we got the call that we had a baby waiting for us and could we come as soon as possible!

It’s a pretty crazy way to wake up 🙂

I told the adoption worker that I had had a dream twice that we would miss the birth. She was more surprised than we were that we missed it. So, just as Tad is getting to work and getting all set up for the day, I call him and say, “Come home now! We gotta get a baby!”

(Josie with her adoption worker, Gayle)

Funny thing is, when he left at 5am he said, “This would be a really good time to call and say there was a baby”. I said, “Bye honey”, and went back to sleep 🙂

So, by 6:40 he was back home, our kids were all awake and grandma was at our house ready to take over!

We drove the long hour and a half….funny thing, I think it was supposed to take 2 hours! LOL….and we both were pretty much a ball of nerves.

Joyful? Yep, this was going to be OUR baby!!!

Scared? Yep, we’ve never done the adoption “thing”.

Sad? Yep, for birth mom.

Worried? Yep, there are still papers to sign.

It was a long drive.

We get to the hospital and of course have no idea where we’re going. So naturally, we walk up to the Cardiac Unit desk and ask directions. “Why do you want the labor and delivery floor?, she asks. “We’re the adoptive parents and our baby is waiting for us!”, we reply.

“What!? Oh I will just escort you there, it’s a long way and I don’t want you getting lost!” So, together with a very nice office assistant, we found our way to the 4th floor.

And ever so apprehensively we knock on the door….to find our beautiful baby girl waiting for us.

But before we pick her up, we first ask birth mom to share her story, to thank her for the amazing gift of life and share a small token of our thanks with her.

Talk about the full range of emotions! Whew! Praising God for a healthy, beautiful baby that He knew before the beginning of time would be a Raichart.

ps – the signing of legal papers happens tomorrow at 9:30am


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