Family Reunion Highlights

Every 2 years we have a family reunion somewhere in the US, it varies each time andย  we are thankful that it was in Seaside this year! There were 26 of us this year…with 4 others missing for various reasons (we missed you!), and we had a fabulous time! In fact, we’re already looking forward to the next one in 2 years!

The first MAJOR highlight was Josie getting to meet all of her extended family!! Everyone was so excited to meet, hold and kiss on her. Here she is with her Great Aunt Marci from Florida…

…and her Great Uncle Bob from Colorado…

…and her Great Aunt Laura from Colorado…

…and her cousin Maya from Flordia…

…and her cousin Mckenzie from Colorado….

…and her Great Aunt Becca from Maryland…she was well loved!

Of course the kids’ highlight was swimming in the pool daily (and nightly).

{ahem}….I hate to admit that another “kid” highlight was watching TV. We don’t have TV in our house, so this is a very “vacation-ish” thing to do!

We watched the sun set the couple times that it wasn’t raining…and it was art in the sky! I love that God is such an amazing artist and shares His work with us everywhere we turn.

We played games…here Mitch is learning how to play Aquire with Grandma, Grandpa and Uncle Phil, and then swiftly beats them all.

We took bread down and fed the seagulls.

We celebrated our cousin Noah’s birthday.

We went down to the beach at dark and had a fire in the midst of a rain and hail storm! We would NOT be driven away by the blasted Oregon coast weather though…we stuck it out (getting seriously soaking wet) and ENJOYED that fire…even little Josie, tucked in away in my Moby wrap (which by the way is my absolute FAVORITE 0-6 month baby carrier).

We spent time on the beach…and aren’t these just the yummiest little brown toes you’ve ever seen? This is our little cousin Iranzi from Maryland.

The girls did puzzles…

…and wrote in the sand.

We even learned a little about Shabbat from our Jewish cousins! This bread was AMAZING and made by Amanda (on the far left)…in fact, I’m pretty sure I’m now sporting this bread on my hips!!

{Haim and Maya are showing us how you sing your prayer/blessing and then toss the bread around the table to everyone.}

The Raichart Clan.

The McKennas.

The Smiths (missing Sean and Sue)

The Pearls/Mayans.

The Hadaways/Raines.

What fun memories…I love that my kids will all grow up knowing their relatives, having fond memories of these reunions and hopefully carry on the same close-knit family love as they have their own families.


I’ve been a bad TIRED mama lately and should have taken more pictures than I did. But I didn’t.

So at least I will chronicle them for her.

Josie went to her first football game last Saturday (at 5 days old) and she was a trooper and true to her name, brought many people JOY ๐Ÿ™‚

She went to her first church service on Sunday and was quiet as a pea the whole time.

She had her first Dr. appointment Monday (and was just about back at her birth weight of 7lbs 6 oz).

She had her first visits with 3 of our neighbors today.

And she also had her first real bath in the kitchen sink…oh, and I actually have pictures of that ๐Ÿ™‚

She’s so calm, just like the hospital bath. Loves it.

All clean and baby fresh. Just yummy.