A Month of Thankfulness

Thanksgiving is absolutely my FAVORITE holiday of the year, bar none. Yep.

No presents.

No pre-Thanksgiving activities that require a ton of running around.

No costumes.

No cards to write.

Just being Thankful and focusing on all that we ALREADY have and not what we want.

So, in light of all that…I choose to be extra thankful this month. If you subscribe to this blog you get to read my daily posts (at least I hope I can be that consistent with my posts!) and hopefully it will remind you to be extra thankful too.

This blog in particular is for my own kids. I have 5 children that I want to pass down a Godly legacy to. I want them to know truly what I was about and I’m about being THANKFUL!!…even though they may roll their eyes now and think I’m a little crazy. They’ll appreciate this when they’re older, right?


Day 1 – I’m thankful for the gift of adoption and the blessing it has been to our family this last month. Our little Josie is a beautiful gift from the Lord and in fact her name means, “the Lord will increase in JOY”. Every adoption is truly a miracle and ours was no exception. She is perfect for us and we are so glad to be her forever family.

I would love to hear what you are thankful for too. Leave me a comment and share!

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