Day 16 art

“Drip Art”

Tonight I’m thankful for art. I know what you’re thinking. “Nikki is thankful for art???”

Yep. I claim to pretty much hate art…I don’t really hate art, but more the mess it makes. I know there are some moms reading this and I can hear the “amens”.

But I will admit that when you actually work on a piece of art that you LOVE and that does something to your soul…well, that’s different.

Today the gray skies inspired me to create a happy place in my dining room. I’m going to fight these winter dull-drums with color and joy in my house!

My creative friend, Heidi over at My Beautiful Mess, inspired me to create this spunky little piece for my dining room. (If you want to know how to do it, go there for instructions cuz I’m not really one to reinvent the wheel 🙂 I’m a really good copy cat though!)

Drip art. Who would’ve thought? But seeing it finished and picturing “We choose JOY” written above it on the wall…well, it just makes me smile.

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