Day 17 my bed

Seriously. Some days are just harder to be thankful than others.

Some days…easy as pie to rattle off things I’m thankful to God for in my life.

And other days? Days when you get updates about how your little guy is doing in his new adopted home. Days when you have to accept that someone else is raising your baby. Those days are hard. I’m not quite sure hard is the right word actually…

And when I have these kind of days, which thankfully are fewer and far between, I am so THANKFUL for my bed; a place where I can crawl into in the middle of the day, lay my aching head and find some rest in my grief.

I don’t type this out to put a negative twist on my thanksgiving posts, but just to be real. Without sarcasm, I truly am thankful for my bed today.


2 thoughts on “Day 17 my bed

  1. Funny you should post this tonight….I was spending the evening looking back at old pictures of when my niece was mine and hurting that she’s not here in the mix of kids laughing with the rest of them, trying not to think about the life she’s living. I had 2 wonderful boys after she was taken from my arms but I sitll miss her terribly and wonder about what could have been. It’s been 8 years and some days it still feels like it was yesterday….But…those days are fewer and farther between. I’m praying for your mommy heart, that Josies sweet baby smiles would fill up some of that emptieness that losing your sweet little boy has left.

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