Days 22-30…ah-hem….

One of my STRONG POINTS is having a vision and running with it. One of my weak points is not always finishing so strong. Darn it! First step is admitting it, right?

And at least it’s still November, right?

Day 22: I’m thankful for TRIPODS – funny, I know…but how else would we get a crazy family picture like this? πŸ™‚


Day 23: I’m so THANKFUL for this girl! The honest truth is that when I found out I was pregnant with her (while Mitch was 9 months old) I was a slight bit depressed for about an hour…until I accepted that this baby was supposed to be in our family and that God knew what he was doing. I’m SO THANKFUL God is in charge of my life and not me…how could we ever live without this sweet, helpful, loving, full-of-hugs, adorable little girl!!??


Day 24: I’m THANKFUL that I get to wear my SUNGLASSES in December! Whohoo!! We went and got our Christmas tree the earliest ever (in my recollection) last Sunday because who could pass up getting your tree in Oregon in the SUN??!! And…we didn’t have to traipse through the woods…just hop on the tractor trailer and ride to the trees, pick it out and hop back on the trailer. Loved this little farm/winery!


Day 25: I’m thankful for this boy. Mitch is certainly our little spit-fire, and often times we think of selling him (for free) but boy does he add character to our family! Here he is mourning because he wanted this cute little tree, but got out-voted by the rest of the family. We love him and know he will be a future leader…after all, leaders are always stong-willed, right? πŸ™‚


Day 26: I’m so thankful for Kayla…who, may I add is a half inch taller than me now!! Oh dear. She is certainly an extension of me and so helpful around the house and with Josie. Actually, I have to remind her that I’m the mom several times a day πŸ™‚ (Moms of teens, you understand this, right?) Kayla has a sweet, quiet disposition, a fierce love for babies and orphans and wants nothing more than to go live with Katie in Uganda when she’s old enough.


Day 27: I’m so thankful for Max. This guy gave us a run for our money when he was little and caused us to pray more than we ever had before…and just look at him now. An amazing big brother, so compassionate, loves babies, is eager to help others and is everyone’s friend. He is a joy and I’m so excited to watch him grow into a young man.DSC_0089

Day 28: I’m thankful for this picture that I get to burn into my mind! To watch my amazing husband be such a great daddy, and watch as my “baby” girl is almost tooΒ  big to get on daddy’s shoulders, stretch out to put up that little angel that we scored at Goodwill. Precious. {even if it is a little blurry}


Day 29: SOOOOO THANKFUL for our lawyer, Meghan!!! She was our lawyer for Gage and when we knew about Josie coming to our family, we sought her out to help us finalize her adoption. She still cries with me about Gage and now she rejoices with us over Josie. AND….she pushed her finalization through in less than 3 months, whereas the average time it takes to finalize is 6 months!!!!! Whohoo!!!


And last, but not least….Day 30: I thought this summed up our month so well…and it gave me such hope that our Mitchel brought this home from school. At this point he is our toughest nut to crack πŸ™‚ and to know that he told his teacher all these things he was thankful for? Totally warmed my heart. It was just what we needed as an encouragement to keep on keeping on!


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