Ice Skating





Ice Skating 2013This was our last fling before school started back up. The kids have been dying to try ice skating and we’ve managed to push it out 13 years lol. The good news is that because they are all professional roller skaters, it just transferred right over and they all took off on the ice like they’d been doing it their whole lives. This skill would be from their father.

Ice Skating 2013-18He just looks like a pro sitting like that, doesn’t he? (thank you Tunings for the gloves loan!)

Ice Skating 2013-10Mitch in action (in the plaid shirt) on the ice.

Ice Skating 2013-19The little polar bear had fun warming everyone up as needed over the 4 hour period.

Ice Skating 2013-5Ruby and Annette…two little cuties.

Ice Skating 2013-15Mitch and Noah…friends for life, I’m sure.

Ice Skating 2013-22Some of the rest of the crew we skated with. I say “we” lightly. I HAD to sit on the bleachers with Josie and be the designated picture taker. This 37 year old mama knows that it hurts worse to fall as an adult and the recovery time is just a wee bit longer than being 9.

Ice Skating 2013-12

Ice Skating 2013-2Despite the cold, the bruises on knees and the raw patches left from the skates being on too long, everyone wants to go back! Crazy kids.

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