Beauty + Moments



Kayla-3I love taking photographs of people for so many reasons, but I think one of the most satisfying reasons, is that I love to show people their beautiful selves. To cast them in the best light, to coach them on how to look at the camera and then for them to see the pictures and love themselves. That’s huge. For people to love who they are and how God made them uniquely to be.

I do pray that Kayla will love who God made her to be. That she would see the beauty that she is and not wish “her nose was smaller, she lad less zits, her hair was wavier….”. We’ve all been there, right. Some of us have stayed there for many years. Some of us have gained confidence in both God and our own beauty. The truth is, there is so much more to beauty that beautiful pictures, than perfect hair and makeup, and fun clothes. No matter what we look like, we become more beautiful (both to ourselves and to others) when we can love ourselves (not in a narcissistic way) for exactly who God created us to be.


Josie JOY is living up to her name…bringing so much JOY and healing to our home.Josie-7Ruby, who has cried at least once a week for a year and a half after losing Gage, hasn’t cried now for almost 2 months. Praise the Lord! And little Josie adores her big sister and loves giving her big, open-mouth, goobery kisses.

And below…well, this is just how we do dinner every night lately. Jo sits in her Bumbo and watches us, grins at us, makes us all turn into funny-face-making-fools just to get a giggle out of her. I’d say this girl knows exactly what she’s doing…wrapping us all around her adorable little fingers.


Baby sleepingBaby fingers! Oh! Can I just eat them up? Nothing better than having her squeeze my finger with her cute little chubby hand while she’s eating. I’m already mourning the fact that the months are short that she’ll still want to do that….

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