Crazy Ribbon Show




Saturday we spent the day at Yamhill County Fairgrounds experiencing our first 4H horse show. Kayla did very well for her first time, placing in 2 out of 3 entries.CrazyRibbonShow-2She has found her LOVE in life. Horses. And for a girl who hates being “on stage” she had no qualms about getting in the arena in front of a judge and strutting her stuff.CrazyRibbonShowWe are blessed to be leasing Chili (her horse) for her first experience. He has been around the block and loves to show.CrazyRibbonShow-4CrazyRibbonShow-12CrazyRibbonShow-5CrazyRibbonShow-10Little Jo hung out with daddy all day to stay warm…love those eyes!CrazyRibbonShow-9And when the sun came out Ruby went out to pick herself a bouquet of wild weeds flowers. Love that she finds joy and beauty in the simple things of life.

Wings and Waves

Wings and WavesWe had so much fun on our family field trip to Wings and Waves! The kids all got to be part of an oceanography class for the first 4 hours and then we got to PLAY in the amazing water park!

Wings and Waves-3

Wings and Waves-2Wings and Waves-6-2Of course daddy had just as much fun as the kids! Mom didn’t want to get in her swimsuit had to take care of Josie, and was the token photographer.Wings and Waves-5-2Max found a buddy that was just as crazy as he was. They had such a great time together.Wings and Waves-8Wings and Waves-4-2Sure do love that the Ten Commandments were posted up on the wall here! How often do we see this anymore?! Kuddos to Wings and Waves!!Wings and Waves-9-2


Nothing sure but change. Right? We’ve been in our home for almost 9 years now and we love it. Especially in the spring and summer when we can enjoy the outdoors, our park-like life, throwing huge 4th of July BBQ’s…but now we find ourselves in a different season. One in which we are driving and driving and did I say driving? No, driving isn’t the only reason we’re pretty sure we’re gonna move. Trust me. We have a very LONG list of reasons why it would behoove us to move at this time, but I won’t bore you with them. The point is, change is possibly coming {if the Lord sells our house, of course}. And with it will come both the good and the bad. House

House-3-3(baby girl’s first time in the swing…she LOVED it, of course)


Ruby and Josie and I took advantage of the nice non-rainy weather and went for a stroll down our road. Love that little grin of hers…

House-3-2Miss Ruby riding her bike and stopping to put gas in of course.


I’ve come to realize the only way for me to be documented is to have my children take my picture. Sometimes it’s scary; sometimes they do pretty good.


So glad that Jo (yes, we have gone from Josephine to Jo. we are simple people) is old enough for her Boba. This is my absolute favorite carrier for front or back (for ages 5 months-3 years) and she lives in it when we are out and about.

Life. Cheers to change and babies and bicycle rides that need to stop for gas fill-ups.

When God Says No

I have meaning to get this post out for the last week and for many legitimate reasons (I could spend and hour typing them all out) it just didn’t happen.

My apologies (for taking this long to send the answer) and my thanks to those of you that have prayed for our family for the last few weeks! God has indeed answered our prayers and His answer was a “no” this time.

Are we sad? Nope. Are we disappointed? Nope. We are glad for clear direction. We are glad that this little 13 year old girl had so many people want her that her parents could choose just the perfect home for her!

We trust in the Lord and are relieved to let Him lead our path. There is so much freedom in this…freedom to walk through doors that may seem scary or unknown because we know our God is directing our path (Proverbs 3:5-6). And we look forward to what God may bring this year in our family because we know that our future and hope are in Him, (Jer. 29:11) and that is always an exciting adventure.