Nothing sure but change. Right? We’ve been in our home for almost 9 years now and we love it. Especially in the spring and summer when we can enjoy the outdoors, our park-like life, throwing huge 4th of July BBQ’s…but now we find ourselves in a different season. One in which we are driving and driving and did I say driving? No, driving isn’t the only reason we’re pretty sure we’re gonna move. Trust me. We have a very LONG list of reasons why it would behoove us to move at this time, but I won’t bore you with them. The point is, change is possibly coming {if the Lord sells our house, of course}. And with it will come both the good and the bad. House

House-3-3(baby girl’s first time in the swing…she LOVED it, of course)


Ruby and Josie and I took advantage of the nice non-rainy weather and went for a stroll down our road. Love that little grin of hers…

House-3-2Miss Ruby riding her bike and stopping to put gas in of course.


I’ve come to realize the only way for me to be documented is to have my children take my picture. Sometimes it’s scary; sometimes they do pretty good.


So glad that Jo (yes, we have gone from Josephine to Jo. we are simple people) is old enough for her Boba. This is my absolute favorite carrier for front or back (for ages 5 months-3 years) and she lives in it when we are out and about.

Life. Cheers to change and babies and bicycle rides that need to stop for gas fill-ups.

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