Crazy Ribbon Show




Saturday we spent the day at Yamhill County Fairgrounds experiencing our first 4H horse show. Kayla did very well for her first time, placing in 2 out of 3 entries.CrazyRibbonShow-2She has found her LOVE in life. Horses. And for a girl who hates being “on stage” she had no qualms about getting in the arena in front of a judge and strutting her stuff.CrazyRibbonShowWe are blessed to be leasing Chili (her horse) for her first experience. He has been around the block and loves to show.CrazyRibbonShow-4CrazyRibbonShow-12CrazyRibbonShow-5CrazyRibbonShow-10Little Jo hung out with daddy all day to stay warm…love those eyes!CrazyRibbonShow-9And when the sun came out Ruby went out to pick herself a bouquet of wild weeds flowers. Love that she finds joy and beauty in the simple things of life.

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