Boxes, boxes and more boxes

Moving sure does suck the life out of you! It’s exciting and exhausting all at once. Thought I’d share some images of our “before” the move with you, simply for your amusement AND to remind myself not to move for at least 5 years! I doubt that will happen, but I can always be hopeful, right?

(Ever feel like your boxes make babies while you are sleeping? Seriously!)

(Time to clean the oven – why is it we always get the house perfect right before we leave?)

For the last week I packed up as much of the kitchen as I could…meaning, the kids had to only use one cup a day…novel, I know.

And…packed most of the pantry leaving us with few options and the desire to eat out more than we should!

Finally, the UHAUL truck. Believe it or not, it only took 2 trips with this baby! One for the house and one for the man shop. Well, maybe we still have a few things left in the man shop…like a whole bay full of stuff we aren’t quite sure what to do with at the moment. I’m confident it’ll work itself out in due time.

Oh! And the last lawn mow on the tractor. Max gets to use the tractor all the time, but never with the mowing deck attached. Tad decided he could finally have a go at it since there wouldn’t be another opportunity for quite some time. I love these boys…

Guess he’s not such a little boy anymore…

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