It’s nearly been a month since we’ve moved and we are all feeling settled now. Boxes are emptied (ok, I still have one in my living room), and most of my pictures are on the wall. It’s really feeling like MY house.

So many people have asked us if we miss our old house. Nope. Even my kids are loving the new neighborhood, the new house (with stairs, even!) untitled-2We love our little backyard and the fact that daddy feels more inclined to sit and hang out, than burdened by all the work of acreage.

untitled-4We celebrated this young man’s 12th birthday with a trip to Bullwinkles with our friends, the Falas. And after that was a family BBQ at our home where he got this styling hat he’s been wanting for a few months.

untitled-3 untitledA boy after his mama’s heart…chose cream puffs for his “birthday cake”. Yes!

untitled-6And we’ve even had time to start up swim lessons again.

untitled-3-2untitled-4-2Ruby is doing so well…getting the arm strokes and breathing down this year.

untitled-2-3The boys? We’re just burning energy, baby. Tired boys are good boys, right?

untitled-5-2The first day of lessons they gave all the watching moms quite the scare as they jumped, dove and flipped off the diving board like they’d had diving lessons their whole lives.

untitled-6-2Yes. We are loving living in the burbs. I’m still a country girl at heart, can’t ever change that. But boy howdy (do people still talk that way?) do I love the fact that we are just minutes from everything! Gonna enjoy this season fully.

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