Texas, Friends and Hope

Memorial Day weekend we said goodbye to the 4 older kiddos and sent them off for a fantastic camping trip with grandpa and grandma. They go every year to their church’s family camp and almost always take some or all of the kids with them. Which is one of the reasons they deserve the “grandparent award” in my book.

Meanwhile, Tad, Jo and I packed our own bags and set off for a weekend with the Von Guntens, a.k.a. our most fun, belly laughing, besties in Texas. This is basically how Jo handled the plane ride. Lucky her. Got to snuggle with daddy and had him all to herself for 4 days!

TexasThough I brought my camera, it rarely made its way out of the bag…except for a few shots of this fabulous family. We just adore this family – every one of them. They fall into the category of friends that you could go 5 years without seeing and pick up instantly where you left off. We’re (not-so-secretly) praying that they make their way back to Oregon in the near future. Texas-4We got to visit them at Camp Tejas, a fabulous Christian camp they are serving at this summer. We stayed in an adorable room, ate yummy camp food every meal, enjoyed the pool and SUN, and mostly just sat and laughed for hours. Texas-3Jo couldn’t get enough of these kids and the feeling was mutual. I don’t think she ever got put down for 4 days straight. In fact, most the time, there was a line of eager boys waiting for their sisters to hand her over.

Texas-5This girl. She brings so much JOY everywhere she goes. Texas-6

IMG_1339Texas-2She lived the life last weekend. Like an only child, soaking up every second of being the center of attention. Who am I kidding? She lives like that 24/7 even at home with 4 siblings. I don’t think she could be any cuter…

Texas-2-2Oh! And since I’d been pondering getting a tattoo for a few months, I decided Austin was the place to do it. I’ve never had an overwhelming desire to get a tattoo, never been drawn to them personally, but for some reason I had really been thinking about it as an option lately.

So we called Scarlett’s tattooist and asked if she could get us in before our plane took off. She came in just for me. I decided to get the word written in Japanese Kanji. I am 1/4 Japanese and I just plain love the look of their alphabet. I chose the word HOPE and had her place it at the back of my neck.

Texas-4-2I’m in love with it! It’s feminine, small, easy to cover with my hair (if I want to) and most of all it is a constant reminder that my HOPE is in the Lord and nothing else. Not in where I live, how I’m performing as a mom (or not performing), what choices my kids make or where my husband works. Hope. Without it life can be super hard, and downright dreary. With it we can face each day knowing that God has our back and has already paid the price for our ultimate hope in eternal life with Him.


3 thoughts on “Texas, Friends and Hope

  1. I love your tattoo. Dave was against them but last year I got a very pretty butterfly with some scroll around it and the letter B at the end of it’s tail.

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