Opal Creek

We decided to go on an adventure Sunday. Where? Opal Creek. I’d never heard of it, but it sounded so intriguing that we just had to jump in the car and head out with our adventurous friends (the Hartfords) to check it out.

Off the Santiam Pass, down miles of gravel and many “are we there yet?” comments from the back seat, we pulled up to the “no cars beyond this point” sign. Everyone got their backpacks on (OK, I lie. I strapped the camera on and Tad carried both the backpack and the baby. He’s a keeper.) and we headed out.

It was 3.5 miles to Opal Creek, otherwise known as Jawbone Flats (population 9) and a fairly easy trail walk. We stopped many times to look at the amazingly, green, clear water and talked the boys into waiting till “later” before jumping in.

What a cool place. Jawbone Flats is fully off the grid, using water and solar for all their power. They have several cabins to stay in that are fabulous and a huge lodge where they apparently have an amazing chef. And get this. They see between 50,000-75,000 people a year up there! Mostly school children on field trips and outdoor school adventures, but also including businesses who use the facilities for team building, conferences.

Opal creek-21Opal creek-10Opal creek-9Opal creek-22Opal creek-17Opal creek-23Opal creek-25Opal creek-9Opal creek-34Opal creek-23Opal creek-27Opal creek-29Opal creek-39Opal creek-32Opal creek-24Opal creek-35I won’t lie. My dogs were BARKING after 7 miles and being as out of shape as I am. Geesh, I need to exercise someday 🙂