Oaks Park

Yesterday was full of screaming, laughing, excitement over new rides (for Urko and Christina) new experiences…like roller skating. Every year Tad’s company picnic is here and includes free ride bracelets for the kids – which they love. Nothing better than a free day once a year at this almost 100 year old amusement park (in 7 years). untitled


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Welcome Basque BBQ








What a FULL, FUN day yesterday! I guess that is going to be the theme of July while the Basque students are here with us from Spain. One of the goals is to keep them speaking English, as their parents are very eager for them to become more proficient. That being said, we played many games (some that needed words and some that needed a lot of energy), we sat and ate on our picnic blankets as families, we swam in the pool (as well as played football and water polo games), and even did some dancing led by a “crazy American”.

It’s been great getting to know our student, Urko and him becoming more comfortable with our family. Looking forward to the rest of the month with him and the other students!

















Oswald West fun in the sun

Yesterday we spent a glorious 8 hours with friends at Oswald West…a fabulous beach. Known for it’s surfing, there were lots of fun surfers to watch, water to play in, tide pools to discover, fire pits to dig, knives to throw (because doesn’t everyone bring throwing knives when they go out?) and beach blankets to nap on. It’s a 3/4 mile hike in, but an easy hike for sure.

Urko and the kids had a great time. He learned that the water is just a bit colder than the Atlantic! Trees at the beach were also a new site for him, as well as roasting hot dogs over a fire.

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a fabulous 4th





We’re living the suburban life now…I know this is so normal for most of you. It’s just so foreign, yet so lovely to us. We feel as if God placed us in the perfect neighborhood for our family. So many great families here and they are putting up with us “country folks” as we adjust the kids to all the “city” rules…you know, like don’t walk in other people’s yards. We are still working on getting the kids some bike helmets…but all in good time 🙂

We enjoyed the 4th here and loved to be a part of the neighborhood’s 4th annual block party including, a kids parade, snow cones, bounce house, games, water balloon fight, yummy food and fireworks. I think Urko (our exchange student from Spain) enjoyed it, even with all the jet-lag!

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