a fabulous 4th





We’re living the suburban life now…I know this is so normal for most of you. It’s just so foreign, yet so lovely to us. We feel as if God placed us in the perfect neighborhood for our family. So many great families here and they are putting up with us “country folks” as we adjust the kids to all the “city” rules…you know, like don’t walk in other people’s yards. We are still working on getting the kids some bike helmets…but all in good time 🙂

We enjoyed the 4th here and loved to be a part of the neighborhood’s 4th annual block party including, a kids parade, snow cones, bounce house, games, water balloon fight, yummy food and fireworks. I think Urko (our exchange student from Spain) enjoyed it, even with all the jet-lag!

DSC_5189 DSC_5196 DSC_5199 DSC_5203 DSC_5206 DSC_5220 DSC_5245 DSC_5256 DSC_5273 DSC_5275 DSC_5280 DSC_5287 DSC_5291 DSC_5306

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