It ain’t the size of the rock that matters…

18 years. Yup. We’re just getting started; still learning and growing and changing; loving a little deeper, understanding more about each other. I LOVE that you can be with someone for 20 years and still discover things about them you never knew, fall more in love (though it seems impossible); it just gets better with time.

I came across this quote just yesterday…“Neither the size of your diamond, nor the extravagance of your wedding will make your marriage last. That takes something money cannot buy”.

This is TRUTH. In fact, when we got married 18 years ago, being 19 and having NO money, we were blessed to be able to use my Grandma Sharon’s wedding ring. It is a gorgeous, “vintage type” ring, but it had a diamond that you could literally barely see. I didn’t care. And I still don’t. The size of my “rock” has nothing to do with the success of my marriage. And free is a very good price.

untitled-3This year Tad took over the planning of our anniversary. Last year we adopted Jo, which meant no anniversary. Every penny went to bring her home and we couldn’t be happier. 2 years ago we were still heart-sick about losing our little Gage, which meant we cried a lot and weren’t in a “celebrating” place in our lives.

But this year? We were more than ready to celebrate each other, our 18 years, our 5 children and our wild ride thus far. So, Tad secretly planned something. Told me a week ago to “clear my schedule” for 4 days and had F.I.V.E children all “farmed out” to friends. That deserves a medal. And so do my friends!

So, he tells me how to pack and that our driver would be here soon. And when she arrives, she then takes us to the MAX station, says, “Have fun!” and pulls away. Off to Portland we go and though I have an inkling of where we could be headed, I’m still not 100% sure.

untitled-5Till we get to the train station. Then I know it’s either Seattle or San Francisco. FUN!


And Seattle it is. We get to go be tourists! And I must say…so much more relaxing riding the train that riding thru traffic to Seattle with your husband driving. Love him, but don’t love his driving. Wives…you understand, right? Yes. You do. (TOTAL side note, but you MUST go here and watch a FUNNY about being your “husbands little helper in the car”.

We enjoyed the scenery, I didn’t have to remind him what the speed limit was or to “back off” and it was stress free!

untitled-4We checked into our hotel (which is lovely and in a fabulous location) and headed down to happy hour at the hotel restaurant. Next? Down the road 2 blocks to stock up on some “healthy” snacks. You know. The kind that taste good on the lips, but stick to the hips. Yep. Then it was time to plan out our next 3 days, followed by a few episodes of Parenthood.

untitled-10…and seriously enjoy the view from our hotel window.

Thank you Lord for husbands, for creating us to perfectly match, and for being our Rock these last 18 years. Without God, I-know-that-I-know-that-I-know we would not be here today. It is not because of us that we are “still standing”, but because of His love, his grace and His word working through and in our lives.

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