A full day…

Day 2 was fantastic. We played “tourists” all day and it was so great. We learned some super interesting Seattle facts on the Underground Tour. If you ever go, we highly recommend. Just the fact that Seattle is still standing is miraculous! Really.

untitled-74We spent about an hour and a half underneath the city, seeing what used to be the street level shops and businesses.

untitled-62 We went in a group of about 40 and had the privilege of having a guide who had been doing this for 27 years and who is an author, as well as a historian. He knew his stuff!

untitled-63 untitled-67 untitled-69 untitled-72 Things that were still down under. There was a few items that didn’t get stolen, sold or antiqued. I loved all the old gears, the rusty-crusty stuff and the old drawing of the original city.

untitled-73  Next up was walking the boardwalk…and what an amazing, SUNNY day! untitled-80 And of course, THE Pikes Place Market. This place is crazy! It goes on, and on, and on. And I, of course found some fabulous buys.

untitled-85 untitled-90 untitled-93 Gum Alley. This makes me cringe when I look at, let alone step in the gum laden sidewalks that are in this alleyway. But, we had to add our piece…right??

untitled-95 untitled-100untitled-14We ended the evening by going to the Skyview Observatory. Pretty impressive to be up on the 73rd floor looking down on the Seattle Space Needle. Seattle is beautiful with all the water everywhere…but it’s wetter than Portland, which makes it a great place to visit, not live 🙂


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