Wilson River + Birthday Day

Somehow we have a 14 year old now. I’ve heard for so many years that the days are long and the years are short…and it’s proving correct. To celebrate we spent the day with two other families floating lazily on the Wilson River AND had the place to ourselves.

untitled-128This girl. Starting high school this year! Artistic, LOVES fashion and makeup, and eats and breathes horses.

untitled-126Her with one of her best friends, Savannah. These girls – growing up, growing more beautiful every day.

Wilson RiverJo adores big sister…in fact, she’s probably going to go through with-drawls when they all go to school today…poor baby will only have her boring mommy to play with 🙂

untitled-112Jo also adored eating rocks the entire day…building the immune system right there.

untitled-113Peas in a pod. That’s what these two girls are! Silly, screaming ninnies they were, floating down rapids all day.

untitled-133But look at the LOVE! Only one pair of river shoes between them, so they shared. That way they are each in equal pain while running on rocks. I adore these two’s friendship.

untitled-117And these boys? Hunting crawdads and whatever else they can find swimming or slithering the the general area…ALL day.

untitled-124Well…besides a few little cliff jumping breaks! Oh my boys.

untitled-130And my biggest boy? Yes, he’s riding the bull down the river with his compadre bringing in the rear.

untitled-23Then we were off to have dinner and cake at grandma’s house. Grandpa’s birthday is a day before Kayla’s so we combine most years….

untitled-17After a long day at the river Kayla was having a hard time getting all her candles out…it’s hard getting older and having SO many candles 🙂

untitled-26And the cousins and siblings…

Such a fantastic day.