The girl is ONE!

Jo is a bundle of JOY. That’s all there is to it. She’s full of energy, smiles, giggling and loves to growl at people and animals. She spends her time getting into things…like toilet water, art drawers, her new car, mom’s purse. The girl loves her food and says, “mmm mmm”, while scarfing her meal.

One year old birthday cake

A HUGE thanks to Michelle Rubio for making this UH-mazing cake for us! I asked her to “make a cake that had pink on it” and this is what I got. Over the top!


You never quite know what a one-year-old’s reaction will be to 20+ people staring at her, encouraging her to “blow out a candle”, and make a mess of her cake. But Jo was the star of the night and pretty much gave everyone a show.


She even showed enthusiasm for a her presents. The xylophone and electric guitar were the hit of the night. 2013-10-02_0004We truly thank God for this little girl – that He CHOSE us to be her parents. We couldn’t have asked for a better gift. Ever.

One thought on “The girl is ONE!

  1. happy birthday jo! gosh, i can’t believe it’s been a year! i remember when you guys got the call!! she has grown into such a lovely little lady! congrats to all – and gosh, michelle did such an awesome job on that cake!! (hi michelle!) 🙂

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