Do LARGE families scare you?

Have you ever thought…

“Wow! I’d love to have that family over for dinner…but…we just don’t have room for them ALL”

“Our house is just too small”

“I can’t fit that many people at my table”

“It would cost a fortune to feed that crew!”

DISCLAIMER: This is NOT a guilt trip at ALL. But more of a paradigm shifting opinion of mine.

Part of having a large family just means you don’t get invited over for dinner all that often. Period. The end. And I totally get it. We can seem seriously overwhelming to a quaint family of 3 or 4. I mean, honestly, just walking in the door and suddenly having FOURTEEN extra shoes overflowing your mat can seem wild, let alone feeding us all.

I’d like to dispell a few things about us large families though.

1. We’re not scary – I promise. In fact, you’ll have more fun and more entertained than ever.

2. We’re all about helping with food!  – We understand there are lots of us and we love to bring our share of the meal.

3. You don’t have to have enough seats for us – really. Actually…we’re good with picnic style. Have an old sheet? Throw it down on the floor and the kids have an instant picnic.

4. Small house? That’s ok. Kids are so creative and don’t even know it’s small. In fact, my good friend, who lives in 900 square feet with her family of 7, invited us (family of 7) and another family (family of 4) over to her house for dinner…and it was just fabulous! Yes, 18 people in 900 sq. ft. It works 🙂

5. Think it is expensive to feed a large family? Depends. But I just fed our family and another family of 7 (14 total) a meal consisting of homemade chicken noodle soup, homemade biscuits, and salad for under $20. And believe it or not, there were even leftovers…which is unbelievable with 3 teens and 3 almost teens! Trust me. Large families don’t expect to be served steak.

Bonus: Use PAPER plates, PAPER bowls and PLASTIC silverware. Makes dishes a cinch.

The next time you think to yourself, “We should invite that (large) family over for dinner”, do it! I dare you to see how easy it really is and how much fun you really have 🙂

Here is our family with our lifelong friends, the Tarabochias – squishing 10 kiddos at an 8 person table – but look at the love! That’s what it’s all about.



3 thoughts on “Do LARGE families scare you?

  1. I volunteer our family of 8 I f anyone wants to get to know a crazy family who loves games. 😉 Nikki you and tad are invited for dinner as a thank you for the sand let’s set a date soon.

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