Book Review: Take the Risk

In the winter months I tend to consume books like they were Costco ice cream bars rolled in almonds (which are not available anymore, MUCH to my dismay), eating quickly to avoid melting ice cream and chocolate falling in my lap. I have always had a passion for reading, learning, growing and I do believe you are the same person you were last year except for the people you meet and the books you read. Stagnation is my arch nemesis.

After watching The Gifted Hands: the story of Ben Carson, I was both challenged and convicted. Both personally and in my role as a parent. Seeing and learning how Ben Carson overcame all the obstacles, that today would be considered by many as no possible, was inspiring to say the least. Not only was it inspiring to me, but to Kayla, as well. The next night she showed us a speech that Ben Carson had given at the 2013 Presidential Prayer Breakfast and told us how amazed she was by it. These are the kinds of people who I want to learn from. Inspiring by the way they live their lives and walk the talk that is coming from their lips.

Off to the library I went. The first book I devoured was called Take the Risk. I mentioned it my friend, to which she exclaimed, “What in the world are YOU reading that kind of book for???!!!”

“What do you mean?”, I questioned.

“I mean, YOU have no problem taking risks. Why do you need to read about it? You live that.”

OK. She does have a point. But then I thought….and realized, “Yes, I do have an easier time taking (educated) risks compared to most people.” BUT…I still need to be inspired, to be encouraged and to be learning and growing in this area.

Back to the book review. I HIGHLY recommend reading this book. Carson uses many of his personal life experiences, dissecting them for all to see how risk played a part of shaping who he is today. He is a neuro brain surgeon, a scientist, a husband, a father and a son. He knows what he’s talking about and ever so calmly explains how to identify, choose and live with acceptable risk. As Tony Dungy says in his review of the book, “Reading this book will cause you to examine your approach to living and challenge you to use the gifts God has given you to help others.”

I will definitely be using Ben Carson’s wisdom as I make future choices, both personally and as a parent. In fact, his four questions he asks himself before taking a risk (that he expounds upon in his book) will now be an integral part of decision making for the Raichart Family.

I hope this review causes you to go to the computer and reserve this book online.


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