snow is in the air

It’s pretty safe to say that Jo loved the snow.

DSC_3489 It’s pretty safe to say big sister loved the snow as well.DSC_3579 This girl. Darn it. She’s getting older.  DSC_3572 When I brought Jo out, they all fought over who could pull her, take her up the hill, vying for her attention. And I love that.DSC_3570And though she loved being toted…she wanted freedom. DSC_3564Pure joy. Snow seems to strip away any sense of “cool” the older kids have and brings forth the little kid in us all. It’s something for all ages and brings people together. I hate the cold, but love the side effects. DSC_3559One of Jo’s favorite things; getting pulled by Kayla. DSC_3552We really did put gloves on her…just not yet… DSC_3551 {earlier in the day}…wistfully watching for everyone to come back and play with her.DSC_3546 …and oh how sweet she looked! DSC_3543 And our neighborhood…really, I think our landlord may have to have us extracted from his house. We really don’t want to ever leave. Quads pulling sleds, everyone meeting at the end of the cul-de-sac at the one steep driveway (poor city kids) in the neighborhood to watch the kids sled, to cross country skiing down the road…it’s just good. We are blessed.DSC_3537 DSC_3535 Max even got a little snowboarding lesson…and a real board to try on. DSC_3526 DSC_3530

Meet Jack. He’s pretty much a new family member here. A.K.A. max’s best friend.DSC_3525 These two beauties! DSC_3504 …the token “this is our house” photo…DSC_3499 A good excuse to get the dirt bike out…DSC_3497The older they get, the less they want to be in front of my lens. It takes a lot more cajoling these days!  DSC_3492 DSC_3491It makes me happy when we get an image with all 7 of us {actually} in the frame at the same time…quite miraculous. DSC_3574Happy Snow Days of 2014!