Jump for it!


Jumping is something we do all the time. I say ‘we’ lightly…because mommy doesn’t jump anymore. If she did…well, she might have an accident. TMI? Yes, probably.

It’s been so fun to watch Jo go from bouncing ever so softly with her siblings to this! Full-on jumping with 2 feet off the ground at the same time. This girl. Do you know that part of KINDERGARTEN testing is asking, “can you jump with both feet at the same time?” We think this qualifies her as talented and gifted at the age of 17 months.


This week she got to have a little play date with friends, Audrey and Madeline. It was dramatic, happy jumping, to say the least.  This is Audrey and I’m sure she gets this from her dad…

DSC_4258  DSC_4240 DSC_4228This is our family’s second trampoline. We basically killed our first one after 30+ kids living with us and 7 years of abuse. Best. Investment. Ever.

Spring is in the air!

The sun inspired me to find the magical in the mundane things of our lives over the last few days. Spring is in the air and I am so excited about that. With it brings fort building on cool spring mornings, reading books with sun rays felt on your skin, boys on bike rides, little girls pushing their babies down the street, big girls giggling in groups and my boy-going-on-man shooting hoops shirtless. I am thankful for these days – even amidst the arguing, messiness, laundry and dishes.







DSC_4215  DSC_4203 DSC_4202