You gotta read this…


I love to go to other bloggers “Reading or Books” lists to find good reads and last night was a winner! I downloaded it via Kindle and started reading last night, only to wake and finish it this morning. If you have a heart for ADVENTURE, are SCARED of the adventurous types, or WANT to be adventurous…this book is for you. This family’s story is so fun. They are real and open and raw with their readers as they travel 10,000 miles around the country in a borrowed, blue school bus, with their 4 kids (two of them toddlers), homeschooling along the way and discovering so much more than they even knew was possible. Go ahead – download it 🙂Screen shot 2014-10-11 at 9.21.40 AM


Champoeg Park

Since we are still having “summer in fall” weather, we decided to go hang out at Champoeg Park on Sunday. Usually I am here for photo shoots and don’t get to just enjoy all the park has to offer. What a treat…a picnic in the shade, fishing off the dock, frisbee golf and walking on trails. Thankful for days like this.


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