Gallon House Concert

It was just how I had imagined (while lying in bed wide awake at 3 am for the last few days before the concert making sure not to leave out one detail of the night) it would be….

{This is the THERE ARE A LOT OF PICTURES POST warning.}

The walkway was lined with lights (that I completely spaced taking pictures of) and beach cruisers filled with flowers to welcome the guests.

The cheesecakes were out-of-this-world! I can’t tell you how many people told me they couldn’t stop trying them all…pretty sure we all walked away a few pounds heavier that night. My incredible friends made HOMEmade cheesecakes. People. These were I N C R E D I B L E! Thank you Hannah, Bethany, Kinda, Michelle, Kim and Karen!! {Please forgive me if I have forgotten you!!!!!!! I’m sorry!}

And the wine? All donated and all fantabulous. Is that a word? Should be.

The MC’s of the night…Matt and Bethany Baker – dear friends who have adoption very near and dear to their hearts {have adopted 3 children and are in the process of adopting their 4th}. Thanks guys, you were great…except the ‘peeing in the woods’ comment Matt! Naughty.

Our friend Rudy Tinoco (and Pete Rusaw for this song) came and opened for us with his usual easy-going, fun-loving personality. Thanks Rudy!

Next up was Nicole Chan, accompanied by Chris Baltazar. Love your voice Nicole!! So glad you got to spend the night hanging out with us.

And the featured guest was Matthew Price, with Gallon House. If you haven’t heard of him before, look him up. For real. His music makes you smile and reminisce, start tapping your toes and has you wondering where his next will be. Bless you Matthew for coming and donating your time and talent for our little baby.

And the guests….ahhh. You know I love my friends and about 60 of them were able to make it. We are so grateful.

Dan and Tracy, so glad you guys could walk all the way down from your house and join us. We will miss you when you move!

And it’s not often you see the “Railton” sisters all together in the little o’l town of Gaston. So fun to see you guys and catch up. And the boots, loved them.

Old friends, new friends.

Church friends, friends’ friends!

And this. Well, this is how it went down. She says, “Gimme some of that already or I’ll fork you”, to which he wittingly replies, “How about I spoon you?”. Touche’ Andrew.

Need I say anything? Besides, “Listen folks, when you have 4 kids, you shop at Costco and you multi-task”.

Hannah, the beautiful cheesecake server.

One of my favorite parts of the evening was seeing everyone gather around one of the 4 glowing fire pits and chatting the night away.

We can’t say thank you enough to those of you who came and gave towards our adoption. Between the 50-60 of you, you gave just over $2300. Incredible and we give all the glory to God. We have just under $4000 left to raise before little baby girl is born in a few short weeks and we know it will all work out. {If you still want to help us and weren’t able to come, you can click on the DONATE button at the top, right of this blog.}

I CANNOT wait to be blogging about the end of fundraising and the beginning of this new little life in our family!




Friends are such a HUGE part of our lives. We LOVE our friends and we like to keep them forever. It’s not uncommon for us to have 1-2 families over every single week throughout the year…it’s a little harder in the winter because of inside space, but you’ll often find us and another family of 6-10 people crammed in our little house, sheet thrown out in the living room for the kids to eat on and the crock-pot heating up home made chili!! I LOVE that.

I digress…this last week we got to spend an evening with the Berges. Shannon and I used to work together in high school at Papa Murphy’s (called Papa Aldo’s back then) and have been friends ever since.

We had an impromptu photo shoot because we needed a family picture, and how appropriate being Shannon was the designer of my fabulous, shabby chic doors!!

Cutest little peas in a pod. {Ruby and Mia}

{Kayla, Makiya and Brookelynn}

Oh dear, these girls are beauties and the daddies will be getting their guns ready!! LOL

And our last (prayerfully) picture with the 6 of us. Hoping that our next one will be graced with a little bundle of JOY! And I already apologize in advance for the excess of pictures that will be coming on this blog of our new little girl.

more adoption news

This week one birth mom already has our family life book in her home; and one more will view our family book tomorrow. It’s a surreal feeling. Knowing both that possibly we could be chosen and have a baby in our home in September or October or that neither of these babies are meant to be a Raichart. Pray for them both if you think of it…I can’t imagine how it must feel to be making such a brave decision…

It’s a waiting game for sure. And actually, we aren’t letting our hearts even go there yet. We must protect our hearts and our children’s hearts until THE time has come and we know for sure that God is giving us the baby that is meant for us.

Until then, we press on. I am still keeping busy with photography and we are officially planning our backyard concert! I am dreaming of beautiful white lights, wine barrel decorations, desserts to die for. Dreaming of our backyard filled with all our friends.
It will be a night to remember I’m pretty sure!

And where are we with our finances? Well, as of today we have both earned and had donated $13,121!!! Amazing huh?! I am always amazed at how God provides and how He truly cares about our every need.

What do we have left? ONLY $6379.00!!!! Whohoo!!! We are way past the half-way mark and on the down-hill swing of things now πŸ™‚

Interested in helping? Just click on the PayPal button at the top right of this blog. Or you could come to our concert on September 7th and donate then. Every little bit makes a difference in bringing home the newest little Raichart baby!!



Our Adoption Update…

As many of you know, we are adopting through Christian Family Adoptions Agency here local in Oregon and have chosen the Domestic Infant Program. This just means that we will adopt a newborn from a birth mom who is from Oregon or Washington. We chose this program for a few reasons; the first being that we don’t qualify for international adoption because Tad has Hepatitis C and the second because it was the most affordable of all the options, with the total cost being $19,000. More than likely we will adopt a baby that has been drug or alcohol affected.

Just this week we have 2 birth moms that we are β€œputting our names in” for her to choose from. It’s quite possible that one of the moms could choose us and they are both due within the September/October range of THIS year! It’s an exciting time for us!

At this point we have paid personally just over $10,000 and are planning one more fund raiser, that being a back yard concert with a local folk artist here (more info coming soon!). We’re hoping that this plays a large part of our next $9,000 that we will owe at the time of placement (when we leave the hospital with the baby). Nikki is also babysitting our niece and nephew part time through the summer months and have done several photo shoots (her newest passion!) and used 100% of the income towards this adoption.

We know that not every one of you will even agree with our adoption (and that’s totally OK), but for those of you who may love adoption, have a heart for adoption and have the means to possibly help us bring our baby home…we would be so grateful for any size of financial donation. This blog is set up with a PayPal donation button at the top right of the home page to make it easy to donate. I will say, this isn’t able to be a tax deductible donation…nor is any of the money that we are personally paying.

Thank you so much for your consideration of this request and if you’re not able to help, that’s OK!! We’d love your prayers and well-wishes as we move forward in this exciting process!

Hugs from all of us,

Tad, Nikki, Kayla, Max, Mitch and Ruby
PS – Thank you to those of you who have ALREADY helped with booking photo shoots and donating through PayPal!! We are so grateful!!!

$1500 MATCHING DONOR (and a slight moral dilemma)

Seriously. You read it right! Someone (who wishes to remain anonymous and who I’d like to give a big fat kiss) just let us know they would like to match up to $1500 of donated funds towards our adoption!!

This means that whatever you can give is doubled until we reach this goal of $1500!!!!!!!!!

The miracle of this gift is that we need exactly $3000 for our next payment due. God is good and He works in ways we don’t understand. He is providing and we knew that if He called us to adopt, then He would provide as well. We aren’t just sitting back and hoping it all comes together….we believe that we are to work as hard as we can, pray constantly and leave the rest up to Him.

Again, if you are for adoption and want to help…pass the word! You never know who is looking to help out an adoptive family πŸ™‚ Send this blog link out with a prayer and watch as God moves and once again surprises us with blessing!!

PS – we are having so much fun thinking of baby names once again…but I’m having a moral dilemma (OK, maybe not moral, but close!) about boy names. Both my boys are M names. Do I stay with a M name or move on to DIFFERENT names that don’t start with a M??? See! It really is almost moral πŸ™‚ And if you think stick with M names….send me ideas!!

One more step…

Several friends have been asking whether or not we have an account specifically set up for them to donate money towards our adoption. As of today, why yes we do!

We specifically went to a bank that is not where we currently bank so that there would be no mistaking adoption money and our regular household money. We want to have integrity with the donation money and we value your support so much!

Now you can go to the DONATE button and donate through Paypal and it will be deposited into our Adoption Fund! How cool is that? (Thank you so much Tom Engle!!, who BTW has a small business and would love it if you called him for computer help!!)

To be honest, asking for help from family, friends, strangers….it’s hard. Who really wants to be on the “asking” side?? On the other hand, I realize that by opening up this dialog, this opportunity for YOU to give, it gives you the chance to be truly vested in this little baby that will soon join our family. Wow. So crazy.

So here’s the skinny….

$5750 due at the beginning of this process (along with boatloads of paperwork)…Paid!

$5000 due when we are matched with a birth parent…need $3000 still (I have taken a part time babysitting job and will have $2000 by the end of August).

$9000 due when the baby is placed with us!

There could be a little more when it’s all said and done, but that is the bottom line, best-case scenario numbers.

I would love to blog as we go and report numbers as they go up. To watch and see how God pulls this all together and how our faith is increased as we watch Him work!!

And I’d love to hear any of your adoption stories out there…how did you fund your adoption? I know there are a million and one ways and I look forward to hearing your ideas.


We’ve been thinking, praying about how we’re going to finance our upcoming adoption. Do we fund raise? Do we not? Do we pray God drops $15,000 in our laps sometime soon? Do we take out a loan?

We were able to pay our first payment of $5000 last month and we need our next $5000 payment by the time we are matched with a birth parent. That could be before the end of the summer, or it could be next spring. There is much uncertainty when it comes to adoption. But this morning I read a quote by A.W. Tozer that said, “God is looking for people through whom He can do the impossible. What a pity when we plan only the things we can do by ourselves.”

We can’t do adoption by ourselves. We need God’s help and we the help of others who believe in adoption. Who believe that even though we can’t save all 147 million orphans, we can save one.

Some have asked us where we are adopting from. We are adopting domestically from Oregon or Washington. Why? Because of international adoption laws, we can’t adopt from another country due to Tad having Hepatitis C. He had Leukemia at the age of 12 and the hospital gave him a blood transfusion with Hepatitis C in it.

We are already a family of 6 and since that’s considered “large” we most likely wouldn’t get chosen for a “healthy” baby. But….we would get chosen for a “drug” baby or special needs baby. We’ve had experience with both through foster care. Drugs don’t scare us and in fact, our last baby was a meth baby and we loved him fiercely. We know that God will place the perfect child in our family that needs a forever home. We trust Him and can’t wait to meet this new precious little soul. (we will get a newborn)

All this to say….We NEED YOUR HELP! I hope you are as excited about this as we are πŸ™‚ This fundraiser is called “Just Love Coffee” and you can go online, buy ORGANIC, FAIR TRADE COFFEE (from all over the world) and help us at the same time!

A percentage of what you buy will go directly to fund our adoption. Super easy and you can help by:

1. Buying coffee for yourself or as a gift

2. Spreading the word! Share this blog, share the link on FB, Twitter or your own blog/venue.

I admit, I only put $1000 as a goal….such a weenie. Our end goal is really $15,000! Why I put $1000 – I have no idea and now I can’t figure out how to change it – serves me right for being of “such little faith!”.

Go HERE to shop for your coffee and please help us spread the word!!

Bless you for having hearts for adoption!!!

(and if you feel led, we will always accept money gifts that will go straight towards our baby)