A day of firsts…

Today was a day the boys have been working towards for four and a half months. They work out at Impact Athletics about 9 hours a week, perfecting their twists and turns that happen HIGH in the air. Harness? Nope. That’s old school apparently.

Their first meet. Their first time performing for a large crowd and judges. Their first taste of victory. They both walked away with 2 medals, totaling 2 golds, a silver and a bronze.

So proud of them!

{Their team}

2013-12-14_0001{Max below on the double-mini}

2013-12-14_0002{Mitch on the double-mini}

2013-12-14_0003{the crowd and other participants}



{Mitch doing his trampoline routine}


{Max on the trampoline}


{the medal giving begins…Mitch takes first}


{Max takes the gold}


{Dad assumes role as a medal giver and gets to give both boys their medals}


{two very proud boys}



Man in the Mirror

This weekend was Kayla’s dance recital and she danced to Man in the Mirror. The whole theme of the recital was “Old things made new” (old as in 80’s!!) It was fun, lots of great songs, flourescent clothing and bright blue makeup.

Kayla did such a great job performing and stepping out of her comfort zone by getting up on stage. We are so proud of her.