So loved…

Today was a big day for Josie. She got to meet her biological siblings, Katie and Miguel. {They didn’t get to meet her at the hospital because they were sick at home with fevers the day she was born.}

Katie has been waiting for so long for this day…and such a bittersweet day for her. To meet her, hold her and then have to say goodbye once more… She was the first to hold Josie today and just beamed the entire time. It’s troubling to be 10 and to try to understand the why’s of adoption, not resent the people that “took” her baby sister, and be heavy-hearted in between the sparse yearly visits. Pray for Katie when you think of her. She was near tears on the way home. We know this pain all to well and know that this is something she will be working through for the rest of her life. There are SO many bitter sweet aspects of adoption. We grieve for this girl.

DSC_0310Katie not only had a sweet time of bonding with Josie, but also playing hard with Max, Mitch and Ruby for a few hours. Miguel, who’s just one and a half, automatically latched on to Kayla and played with her in the play area for practically the whole time.

DSC_0313Our kids did so good taking a step back and letting Katie, Miguel, Peggy and “grandma” hold, cuddle and feed Josie. We were proud of them for sharing their sister with her other siblings.

DSC_0318Peggy just amazes me. She’s so humble, so sweet and so giving…She loves Josie, and yet is so happy that she’s with us. I’m so glad we could have this open relationship with her…openness scares a lot of people, but I think the less secrets there are, the healthier we can all be. DSC_0319 DSC_0321DSC_0312Josie will grow up knowing that she has another family that love and adore her. She will know without a doubt that she is doubly blessed, doubly loved and that she was CHOSEN.

It was a blessed day. Thank you Lord.

It’s official

Well, true to “hospital time”, the signing didn’t quite take place at 9:30am…but close :)Everything went without a hitch and we are now officially her parents (legal guardians until the finalization of the adoption in a few months). She’s a true Raichart now and we can’t wait to come home and introduce her to her siblings who are just dying to meet her!

Now we have to hang at the hospital until tomorrow morning for discharge of baby. She has to stay for 48 hours because she is considered high risk because of her delivery and the fact that birth mom didn’t get the group B srep antibiotic before delivery. Everything looks good though – just precautionary.

Thank you Jesus!