Hot Tubbin’

The reason I chose the title “Real Life Raicharts” for this blog is because we’re pretty crazy at our house and that title just fits our family. I LOVE all the blogs that our there that show such peaceful, tranquil homes and I sometimes often dream of that and SOMETIMES have that, but this blog is for the people out there that have crazies living in their house like I do 🙂

Last night Daddy and the boys decided to go hot tubbin’ and intermittently do snow angels at the same time. Fun stuff and I totally remember doing this at my Aunt’s house when we used to visit her in Sisters Oregon. Now, I’m happy to watch and giggle from the window and take a few shots before quickly closing the door and getting warm again.

I love that Tad has so much fun with the boys and I pray that they remember these memories of their daddy being crazy fondly….yes, he did do a few snow angels, but I promised not to post those pics 🙂

Come on, you know you want to try it!