Crazy Ribbon Show




Saturday we spent the day at Yamhill County Fairgrounds experiencing our first 4H horse show. Kayla did very well for her first time, placing in 2 out of 3 entries.CrazyRibbonShow-2She has found her LOVE in life. Horses. And for a girl who hates being “on stage” she had no qualms about getting in the arena in front of a judge and strutting her stuff.CrazyRibbonShowWe are blessed to be leasing Chili (her horse) for her first experience. He has been around the block and loves to show.CrazyRibbonShow-4CrazyRibbonShow-12CrazyRibbonShow-5CrazyRibbonShow-10Little Jo hung out with daddy all day to stay warm…love those eyes!CrazyRibbonShow-9And when the sun came out Ruby went out to pick herself a bouquet of wild weeds flowers. Love that she finds joy and beauty in the simple things of life.

Minute to Win it!

ahem…backtracking to Thanksgiving pictures…

We went to our friends’ home and played some super fun, super silly Minute to Win it (go here to see a ton of different games to play) games! Brace yourselves…yes, we are all sporting tights with a baseball at the bottom…on our heads 🙂 And trying our hardest to knock down the water bottles in less than a minute. And may I just add that the Madre of the house, yes me, whooped everyone in this game! Pretty sure it’s because there was a baseball involved!

DSC_0301 DSC_0307 DSC_0310 DSC_0313 DSC_0318 DSC_0322



The next game was, “using only your facial muscles, get the Oreo from your forehead to your mouth”…in a minute. I just loved the game because of the photo ops! DSC_0328 DSC_0330 DSC_0334 DSC_0338

And this one…stack a certain number of die on a popsicle stick…easier said than done. But Kayla wins the prize for being the most steady in this game 🙂DSC_0347

So, there you have it. A few laughs at our silly expense 🙂

Franz Bakery Field Trip

Yesterday was a pretty amazing field trip to the Franz Bakery in Portland. It’s such a cool place! Though the bummer is that I couldn’t take pictures while we were in the factory…so you get to see our hair nets :)Though the boys would have nothing to do with me capturing them wearing “pink” (though clearly red) hair nets!

Everyone got to learn of the rich history of the Franz Family, do several different activities, walk the factory and come back to bread and butter with apple juice.

I’d recommend it to anyone who hasn’t done this yet!


Mr. Sun inspired us to…..get the roses trimmed back…

…to weed the garden beds….

….to trim back the raspberries….

…to thin out the strawberries….

…to clean out the herb and flower garden…

Love productive days like that and thankful I have kiddos that love to garden!

Valentine Homes

We were at Jo-Ann Fabric’s yesterday and we just couldn’t pass up the 70% discounted Wilton’s Gingerbread houses from Christmas! Sooooo, we bought them for $3 and some change!!! And then we went to Winco and got Valentine Candy to decorate. What a fun, cheap craft for all ages!

This is Kayla reading the instructions….AFTER she watches Mom totally assemble the first house the WRONG way…LOL!! Instructions AND construction are two of my weak points….

Melted Hearts

Just so you all know…I’m NOT a crafty girl. In fact, I really loathe crafts…but I have 3 out of my 4 kiddos that love crafting. Sooooo, we are going to craft more this year…at least that is my goal.

And the craft of the day is ….drum roll please!!….Melted Crayon Hearts. Yes, I know. So easy. But a gals gotta start somewhere, right? I’m going to find that inner crafter in me…I just know it!

Proverbs 4:23″Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life.”


Pine Derby Racing

We haven’t participated in Awana for a few years, but we decided that it was the right time to join again. I do love the way it is designed to instill God’s Word in the hearts of young ones. It just so happened that we joined at a very FUN time…Pine Derby Racing time! The boys are the ones who chose to participate and brought their kits home to daddy very excited about the possibilities.

I’m really not quite sure who had more fun…the boys or daddy? Jury is still out on that one. Several times I found myself reminding daddy that this was the boys’ project…ahem.

The sanding begins…

Max’s final product….the silver racer.

Mitch’s final product….the green mean fighting machine.

Ok, sorry, I named them myself because I can’t remember the types of cars (i.e. porche) they designed these after 🙂